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Important notice: The Heidelberg University Computing Centre (URZ) had to switch off the web service WWWMail/Horde on short notice due to a technical fault. Unfortunately this also affects the web access for your HAImail (firstname.surname@alumni.uni-heidelberg.de). At the moment we don't know when the web mailer will be available again.

However, it is only the web interface that is affected and not the e-mail server, so you can still send and receive e-mails. But you need an alternative access to your HAImail. Thus we recommend to integrate your alumni e-mail address in an existing e-mail program on your device (computer, laptop, tablet, mobile).

Shortly we will provide you with detailed instructions.

Here you can already find the configuation details for the necessary settings.



In case you forgot the login data for your alumni e-mail address, please contact postmaster@alumni.uni-heidelberg.de.





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